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Welcome to Her Success Story.

Women inspire me every single day. Their tenacity, wit, enthusiasm, power and grace have provided the world with amazing businesses that have transformed industries. Her Success Story is a podcast that allows these impactful and fascinating women to share their success journey with the world. Their triumphs, along with their failures. Their lessons, along with their leadership. And their determination to follow their dreams. Listen in each week as we talk to women in fashion, coaching, corporate, legal and so much more.

Our theme song is Irresistible Me by Cindy Rainne. 

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Aug 26, 2019

Debra Berndt Maldonado, CEO

Co-Founder Creative Mind Coaching

Author of Let Love In (Wiley 2010)


Debra Maldonado is the CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Mind Coaching, a life coach training company with Robert Maldonado, Ph.D., training life coaches in their proprietary coaching system, the Creative Mind Method™. Based on Jungian concepts, Eastern Philosophies and neuroscience, the method helps you transcend past conditioning and create what you want in life. Their mission is to raise the bar in the coaching industry to provide deeper training of the mind and consciousness that fosters creativity, innovation and lasting change in people’s lives. Debra is the author of Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley) and has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Publisher’s Weekly, The Huffington Post, Your Tango and more.




In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the internet has facilitated growth of the coaching industry
  • Creating a system that is truly coaching, and not a cross over into other realms of therapy, psychology, etc.
  • The need for coaching vs. therapy
  • Taking our power back
  • Working to help women find love and how it expanded from there into so much more
  • The chaos of the creative process. “If you don’t have some chaos going on, you’re not being creative enough.” Creativity means taking a risk. (HALFWAY)
  • The ongoing shift in technologies and how innovation is key to staying competitive
  • The importance of falling in love with your business; loving the study of marketing and business and learning about yourself
  • Creating your own formula and being connected to your purpose.
  • Pouring your happiness INTO your business and not expecting to get happiness FROM your business
  • How your mind is reflected in your business