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Welcome to Her Success Story.

Women inspire me every single day. Their tenacity, wit, enthusiasm, power and grace have provided the world with amazing businesses that have transformed industries. Her Success Story is a podcast that allows these impactful and fascinating women to share their success journey with the world. Their triumphs, along with their failures. Their lessons, along with their leadership. And their determination to follow their dreams. Listen in each week as we talk to women in fashion, coaching, corporate, legal and so much more.

Our theme song is Irresistible Me by Cindy Rainne. 

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Aug 13, 2018

Joan Pelzer

Instagram:@JoanPelzerNYC or @FollowMeFridayWithJoanAndPriya




Joanie Pelzer, more than your average Joan.

Joan Pelzer is an Entrepreneur, Host, Producer. Joan is Founder, CEO & President of Joan Pelzer Social, a social media marketing agency and she creates relationships not just connections. Joan is co-host of the radio show Follow Me Friday with Joan + Priya on TalkRadio.NYC every Friday at Noon ET, where she and her co-hosts globally connect with thought leaders and entrepreneurs each week in an educational and fun way. Joan is National Social Media Strategist and NYC Chapter Director for What Women Want Networking. Joan is the Vice President of Marketing of The New York Association, a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization. Joan is a Producer and Board Member of Algonquin Theater Productions. Joan holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from Fordham University Graduate School of Business.

In partnership with U.S. Embassy Morocco, Joan conducted marketing and production workshops and trainings for professional Moroccan theater troupes, producers, and students throughout the country. Joan was an on-air brand expert and presenter for ShopNBC and Home Shopping Network on behalf of the Royal Doulton China and Crystal brand, as well as a Bridal Spokesperson at local and national events.

When she's not hosting or producing an event or show, or masterminding marketing campaigns, you can catch Joan networking and navigating NYC with her chihuahua Hubbell (who’s becoming an influencer on Instagram at @CanineClique).

In Joan’s episode we explore:

-Our coffee date five years ago and what I made Joan do that next  weekend

-What she forgot that she had get back to for bigger success

-How she went from the queen of networking to feeling tired and the plan she created to fix it

-What she does at 7 am every Wednesday morning

-The evolution of social media for brands and how her 15-year-old neighbor is involved

-Video and the power of it on social media

-Her performance background, her live radio show and what she does every day no matter what

-What she helps people see that is often right in front of them