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Mar 4, 2019

Tammi Leader FullerTammi Leader Fuller

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Tammi Leader Fuller is a two time Emmy-Award winning TV News Producer who walked out of the Control Room and into the woods to create Campowerment: the transformational, summer camp-inspired, Expert-led retreat experience, designed to help grown ups disconnect to reconnect, to propel their lives forward and live life better. Why?

Because when she went looking for a summer camp type experience to take her back to her childhood happy place as a grown women, she couldn’t find one. So she gathered the hundred plus Experts she had gathered in her years at The Today Show, CBS and NBC News, and decided to combine a uniquely empowering program, frapped in fun and games, and combined that with insight from these gifted Thought Leaders, and produced one herself. And it helped so many people, and companies, propel forward, Campowerment just kept going,

Six, years, 30 camps and 5000 happy campers later, after shout outs from Oprah. Delta Sky, Parade ,The Hollywood Reporter, and the TODAY Show, more than half the Campowerment campers come back year after year for s’more tools to help them re-ignite their lives. Campowerment began just serving women but is now helping companies shift their cultures and unite their people, building custom-curated, game-changing Enterprise Experiences for trailblazing companies like Lululemon, Snapchat and Nestle USA, to name a few.She runs Campowerment with her 30 year old Digital Strategist daughter Chelsea, who began her Marketing career at TOMS’ one for one and her 83 year old College Professor/Writer mom.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What summer camp meant for her as a child and how that led her to create Campowerment - an adult camping experience to disconnect and reconnect
  • What happens over the 4 day experience, even shaving cream is involved
  • Why she meets friends at a trampoline park instead of a coffee shop
  • The Malibu fires destroying this year’s event and rewriting the entire business from lessons learned
  • Her work with the corporate sphere, why stress relief is so needed and the ripple effect that follows
  • Working with her mom and daughters in the business and the intergenerational side of connection that makes such a huge impact
  • Hearing the stories of the people at camp, the bonds they formed and some of the amazing experiences they went on to have together
  • Shifting yourself with simple joyful practices