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Women inspire me every single day. Their tenacity, wit, enthusiasm, power and grace have provided the world with amazing businesses that have transformed industries. Her Success Story is a podcast that allows these impactful and fascinating women to share their success journey with the world. Their triumphs, along with their failures. Their lessons, along with their leadership. And their determination to follow their dreams. Listen in each week as we talk to women in fashion, coaching, corporate, legal and so much more.

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Jun 22, 2020

Joanna Massey 





With over 25 years of experience in the media industry at companies, such as Condé Nast, Lionsgate, CBS, Viacom, Discovery and Hasbro, Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D., MBA is an experienced C-level communications executive and Board Director. She has managed brand reputation, corporate turnaround, crisis communications, culture transformation, and multi-million-dollar P&Ls. Currently, she serves as a consultant, who advises clients on communicating with Millennial and Gen Z employees, consumers, and investors. She is a corporate speaker and trainer, as well as the author of the upcoming book, Culture Shock: Surviving Five Generations in One Workplace (in stores on May 19, 2020).

As a Board Director, Dr. Massey is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and currently serves on the Advisory Board of 8B Education Investments, a financial startup. Formerly, she served on the Board of Directors of The Resolution Project as a member of the Audit Committee, the University of Southern California New York Alumni Club as a member of the Executive Board, and Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Services.

Dr. Massey is also an angel investor who advises female entrepreneurs on all stages of seed funding, including investor decks and go-to-market messaging. She previously served as a Managing Director at Golden Seeds, an early-stage female-led investment firm with more than $125 million in total investments in over 170 female run businesses, and she is a member of the Angel Capital Association.

In addition, Dr. Massey is an adjunct professor at Columbia University, where she teaches a masters-level course in corporate communications. In addition, she holds four graduate degrees in both business and psychology, and she is a member of the American Psychological Association.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Pivoting from a corporate job to entrepreneur
  • Recognizing your differentiator
  • How to address culture shock in the workplace
  • How having a company is like having a child
  • Making time for board and volunteer work
  • How tech gives females opportunity to step into business and entrepreneurship