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Welcome to Her Success Story.

Women inspire me every single day. Their tenacity, wit, enthusiasm, power and grace have provided the world with amazing businesses that have transformed industries. Her Success Story is a podcast that allows these impactful and fascinating women to share their success journey with the world. Their triumphs, along with their failures. Their lessons, along with their leadership. And their determination to follow their dreams. Listen in each week as we talk to women in fashion, coaching, corporate, legal and so much more.

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Jun 24, 2019

Ellen Stafford-Sigg

Ellen has been with Deloitte for 30 years, in management consulting.  She has worked in life sciences and other industries, in M&A, restructuring, market strategy, business planning, and operations improvement.

Ellen’s primary role is as Deloitte’s Global Lead Client Service Principal (GLCSP) for a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry.  She also serves the U.S. partnership as Co-Chair of the Elected Leader Succession Committee, which oversees the development of potential CEO and Chairman candidates.  Globally, Ellen leads GLCSP Development and Performance Management for the GLCSPs of the firm’s top 120 global clients, as well as succession planning for these key roles.

Ellen was a member of the Deloitte US board for seven years.  She served as Chair of the Strategic Investments Committee and the Finance & Audit Committee, and as a member of the Governance Committee and the Partner Earnings Committee.   Ellen also served on the global DTTL Board of Directors, and was a member of the DTTL CEO Succession Committee.

 Outside the firm, Ellen served for 17 years and most recently as the Chair of the national board of Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to helping all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold.  She currently serves on the board of The Browning School and co-chairs the Strategy Committee. Ellen also is a mentor with the 30% Club.

Ellen earned her B.A. at The University of Virginia and her M.B.A. at Wharton.  She resides in New York City with her husband and son.


Andrew Vaz
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

As Deloitte’s Leader for Ecosystems and Alliances (E&A), Andrew  is responsible for governance and execution of Deloitte’s global alliances and ecosystems including strategy, operating models, funding, marketing and financial performance. Andrew is also the Chief Innovation Officer for Global Consulting where his responsibilities include Digital Transformation, Asset strategy and execution and the incubation of $1B new businesses and new business models ensuring that Deloitte Consulting continues to embrace and stay at the forefront of technology disruptions by creating and scaling digital and asset enabled businesses.

Andrew has deep expertise in the areas of Disruptive and Emerging Technologies, Disruption and Business Model Innovation, Ecosystem and Alliances strategy, development and execution, startup and Global Fortune 1000 alignment, innovation funding and portfolio management, and corporate strategy and governance. Andrew practices across all industries and is a member of the Deloitte US and Global Board of Directors.

Global Leader Ecosystems and Alliances
Chief Innovation Officer, Global Consulting
Member, US Board of Directors
Member of the DTTL Board of Directors

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How each of them found an interest in serving on boards and the paths that led them to serve on them
  • How women frame questions differently than males and raise the dialogue
  • The competitive advantage when women are part of boards and how issues are resolved in a better way with both male and female perspectives
  • The importance of term limits for boards, as well as truly cultivating broader pools in key segments of the population
  • Why women should start young, think globally and keep up with emerging tech
  • The great initiatives Deloitte is taking
  • The importance of sponsorship and mentorship for the next generation
  • Why board candidate development programs would make a big impact
  • The diversity of thought and why it’s powerful and valuable
  • Tips for young leaders