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Dec 9, 2019

Elise Warner

Executive Director of Girls Helping Girls. Period.


Elise Warner is the Executive Director of Girls Helping Girls. Period., the non-profit she founded with her teen daughters that offers education and product donations to people who need financial assistance to manage their periods. They never intended to be running an organization, but one thing led to another after they discovered girls were missing school in their own town because of a lack of menstrual items. They have donated more than half a million products and offer a full year of supplies to those in need.

Elise had a fantastic 20-year career in the field of journalism and is an award-winning producer and developer of non-fiction television programs and documentary films. After getting a Masters in Broadcast Journalism, Elise started as a live news reporter/anchor/producer. Her big break came when she was in her late 20s and was tapped to be the producer/editorial manager of the evening news at WNBC in New York. Two years later she left to oversee the morning programs at MSNBC. She then spent 15 years in the documentary department and was the co-creator and executive producer of all four spin-off series in MSNBC’s longest running, highest-rated documentary franchise, "Lockup," where her team produced more than 250 episodes investigating the ills of our system of incarceration.  Additionally, she developed and oversaw more than 100 titles with a specialty in programs highlighting social issues from hunger and medical breakthroughs, to human trafficking and juvenile justice.

Since leaving MSNBC in 2015 Elise has focused on her non-profit and learning new skills in the field of education. She earned a certificate in College Advising from Columbia University-Teachers College, is a substitute elementary school teacher and is the VP of Education at her synagogue where she also teaches kindergarten at Sunday School.

In the episode we discuss:

  • The impact of the lack of access to feminine products on school and work attendance
  • How our value is dictated by the work we are doing and the meaning we create in other peoples’ lives
  • How the measurement of success in the non-profit world is different from a for-profit business
  • The benefits of including your children in your passion for non-profit work
  • Growing and transforming into an international organization
  • The incredible support and partnership from large company manufacturers and vendors
  • The evolution of the social conversation regarding menstruation