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Nov 8, 2021

Anu Sehgal is the Founder of The Culture Tree. She lives in New York with her husband and her two sons. She is a marketer by profession. She holds an MBA from Yale University and has worked in the corporate sector for almost 15 years.

Anu grew up in India and is a native Hindi speaker. She is an active parent and believes an awareness of one’s heritage, culture and language is key for children to become self-aware and confident individuals. Anu founded her company The Culture Tree five years ago, with a desire to fill a vacuum for quality and educational South Asian events and classes in the New York City area. Her company continues to grow and expand.

As a cultural educator, she is always looking forward to providing children with authentic, immersive and inspiring experiences. In general her focus is at providing children and their families cross-cultural exposure that can help develop knowledgeable, open-minded and respectful individuals.

Anu is a health enthusiast, she leads an active and healthy lifestyle. For exercise she swims and does yoga regularly. She is also into mindful eating and healthy cooking, she is constantly making delectable Indian dishes that are healthy and made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. She teaches cooking classes both to children and grownups and is an active volunteer at WITS (Wellness In The Schools).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Anu started The Culture Tree, and the evolution of its programming and vision
  • The value that comes when children understand their heritage culture and its language
  • Why the pandemic skyrocketed this as a global need
  • How listening to the market and her customers helped Anu grow her business
  • How Anu navigated the pandemic and the results of those actions
  • The pillars of the Culture Tree, and some of its offered programs and classes
  • What incredible impact is being made in growing empathy and respect in these children for themselves and each other