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Women inspire me every single day. Their tenacity, wit, enthusiasm, power and grace have provided the world with amazing businesses that have transformed industries. Her Success Story is a podcast that allows these impactful and fascinating women to share their success journey with the world. Their triumphs, along with their failures. Their lessons, along with their leadership. And their determination to follow their dreams. Listen in each week as we talk to women in fashion, coaching, corporate, legal and so much more.

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Nov 26, 2018

Joi Gordon

Joi Gordon joined Dress  for Success® in 1999  and took over leadership  of Dress for Success Worldwide In  2002. Her primary goals are to ensure  that Dress for Success becomes recognized  as a global leader in empowering women in  their economic and social development and to expand  the organization's reach—so that more and more women  across the globe will have access to the resources and  tools they need to succeed in the workplace.

Under  Joi’s leadership,  Dress for Success Worldwide  has expanded from a singular  brick and mortar location in Manhattan  to a global entity, spanning across 160  cities in 30 countries and serving over one  million women by giving them the tools they need  to achieve lifelong economic independence. Not only has  she expanded the organization geographically, but programmatically  as well-providing our women with a plethora of programming at all  points of their employment development cycle. The Dress for Success model  now offers a full continuum of services suiting a woman essentially from the  inside out and uniquely positioning our organization as a global leader in women’s  employment issues.

Among  her professional  activities and relationships, Joi  is an executive board member and the  1st Vice President of Greater Queens Chapter  of the Links, Inc.,and a member of the Women’s  Forum of New York. She served on the corporate board  of directors of Urban Brands, parent company of Ashley Stewart,  a leading specialty retailer that targets the fashion-savvy urban  woman. She has also served on several inaugural women’s advisory councils,  including those for American Airlines, Office Depot and VOICE, an imprint of  Hyperion Books.

Most  recently,  Joi has received  recognition from the  following institutions: the  University of Oklahoma, which  presented her with its 2nd highest  honor, the Regents’ Alumni Award; Working  Mother Media, with its Legacy Award; Business  Law in Leadership Award from Lawyer’s Alliance;  Herbert Woods Community Service Award from the Sylvia  & Herbert Woods Scholarship Fund; distinguished alumni award  from the University of Oklahoma, Gaylord College of Journalism and is a  member of their Board of Visitors; the Vice Chancellor’s Award from The  American Foundation for the University of the West Indies; and Ellis Island  Medal of Honor. Over the span of 20 years, Joi has been honored with numerous civic  and community service awards.

She  has been profiled  in Crain’s New York  Business, Financial Times, Epoch Times And Black Enterprise,  and was also named among Working Mother Magazine's  “Most Powerful Moms in Non-profit,”as well as named one  of the “25 Most Influential Black Women in Business”by Network  Journal Magazine.

Joi  received  her B.A. in  radio/television  broadcasting from  the University of Oklahoma  and her juris doctorate from its  College of Law. She lives with her husband  Errol in Queens. Her greatest joys are her daughter and  son, Sydney and Nicholas.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Putting on her power suit as a lawyer, her first donation to Dress For Success and what happened less than a year after she took that action
  • How Dress For Success is so much more than clothing for women
  • Why she feels she’s a better mother, wife, friend, etc. because of her work
  • Why the Dunkin Donuts business model plays a role
  • Why Dress for Success is run like a brand and how they’ve scaled in 20 years
  • The face of the underemployed or unemployed and how it has changed
  • How she feels she is always learning so she can be a better storyteller for her organization
  • The generous nature of people and strangers’ emails that make her day
  • How men will be affected by Dress for Success because of the support given to their mothers
  • The vision for Dress For Success in the future and the internal growth that will occur
  • Her tips for women and finding your purpose